Quantum Anxiolytic Perturbations
On The Works of Charles Fort and His Followers

Charles Hoy Fort

    We believe that the website of Mr X is one of the very best Fortean sites on the web, here's a blurb from the home page of that site:
"Mr. X has a great interest in the life and works of the author Charles Hoy Fort. He is a member of the International Fortean Organization. In addition to contributing articles to the INFO Journal and other Fortean publications, Mr. X long ago published the Res Bureaux Bulletin. Since the demise of the Res Bureaux Bulletin, when printing and postal costs became excessive, other resources have been developed, which will allow the rapid processing and dissemination of information to researchers and enthusiasts with Fortean interests, (such as the Internet). The purpose of this web site is to provide a place where Mr. X can communicate with those who share his interests in Charles Hoy Fort and Fortean things."
    Mr X has gone to great lengths to transcribe many of Charles Fort's writings into web pages so that they may be read online. These include

The Book of the Damned,    New Lands,    Lo!,    Wild Talents

and much, much more!

    Do pop in and read to your hearts content, say 'hello' to Mr X and you might tell him we sent you.

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