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The Elder Futhark
    The Futhark alphabet was used by the North European Germanic peoples between the 3rd and 17th centuries A.D. The name 'Futhark' comes from it's first six letters. About 3500 stone monuments in Europe are claimed to have been inscribed with this writing.
    Sometimes, small stones or tiles were inscribed with Futhark Runes and cast for the purpose of divination or gambling games. Their use for divination is enjoying a revival with the various new Age movements today.


The 1st Aett:

Fehu: (cattle, wealth)

Uruz: (aurochs)

Thurisaz: (giant; Thor's rune)

Ansuz: (Odinn's rune)

Raido: (journey)

Kenaz: (torch, light)

Gebo: (gift)

Wunjo: (joy)

The 2nd Aett:

Hagalaz: (hail)

Nauthiz: (need-fire)

Isa: (ice)

Jera: (year)

Eihwaz: (yew)

Pertho: (lot cup)

Algiz: (protection)

Sowilo: (sun)

The 3rd Aett:

Tiwaz: (Tyr)

Berkana: (birch)

Ehwaz: (horse)

Mannaz: (man)

Laguz: (lake)

Inguz: (Frey)

Othila (Ogthala - ancestral land)

Dagaz: (day)