My Favorite Herbs
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Webel Fetzer
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Cornus Stolonifera in bloom.)

Cedar,   Willow    Sweetgrass,    Sage,   Rosemary,(huh?)    Red Osier Dogwood,    Tobacco   Harvesting & Collecting

    I am really impressed, these days, with the efficacy of several herbs that were and are sacred to the American Indians[1].
    That will be the main thrust of this small herbal. I will endeavor to describe the herbs and their usage and hope that I get it all done as accurately as possible - if I am wrong, please correct me[2].
And so, without further ado, here's my list of favorites that I have made pages for so far...

Cedar,   Willow    Sweetgrass,    Sage,   Rosemary,(huh?)
Red Osier Dogwood,    Tobacco   Harvesting & Collecting
~Webel Fetzer


[1] I do not use the absurdly 'correct' term "Native American" - if you were born in America, you're a native. Most of the Indians that I know prefer the term "Indians" or a tribal name such as "Lakota" or "Dineh" to refer to their lineage.
[2] Those who wish to correct me may post their correction HERE.