A Bold Adventure

    Join us in a brave foray into the unknown and uncharted realms of parallel universes. Prepare yourself for a trek, not to outer or inner, but to adjacent space.

    Will we find Eden? Lands of Magic? Our heart's desire? Or will we find worlds just like our own?   Some of us may have already visited other universes - the evidence may be confusing memories - improbable places or people we have seen.

We will discuss these things.


    Many scientists believe that there are parallel universes that are part of the larger multiverse. Please read this UPI news article for more information on the subject. Another good source would be the works of David Deutsch.

    The concept of parallel universes arises from Quantum Physics, a fascinating and often contradictory field. In spite of skeptics' remonstrances, quantum computing is a new field that is producing some amazing experimental results.

"I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics."
- Richard P. Feynman

    But what of our own minds? Sir Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, et al, have suggested that consciousness may be quantum effect. Unfortunately many quacks and charlatans have leapt upon their work to promote their own versions of quantum spiritual realities. We seek answers, not bold statements for the credulous made out of whole cloth.

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    Can we observe these parallel universes? Have we observed them? Can we travel between them? What kind of device would we need? What energy barriers would we encounter and have to overcome? Is there a shortcut between the worlds? Does quantum consciousness hold a key? If you have a pet theory on the subject, please share it with us. Perhaps our "reality" is a blend of more than one universe and we overlap into other worlds that are minutely similar. Perhaps we can find stepping stones that are natural progressions into more distant realms.

    Many of us remember experiences that could not have happened in our present world. There is a vast amount of literature out there on False Memory Syndrome, but some of us don't fit the mold. Perhaps an hour ago you were somewhere that "doesn't exist" or saw something that "can't be." Now your mind is trying to balance reality with memory. This isn't a "suppressed childhood memory." It is much more real, more coherent in your mind. We will attempt to explore events such as these. Perhaps in so doing, we may find a common thread - a hint to a pathway between the worlds.

    We ask you to join us in discussion of those events. We seek anecdotal evidence of apparent travel between worlds or times. Your experience is very important to us. You may use a pseudonym, or "screen name," if you wish. Your identity doesn't matter. We do not trace or track you when you post on our bulletin board. Our provider may set a "cookie" on your HD, but it is not for finding out who you are. If you are worried about security, please see our Internet Security Page.

Our discussion board is:

Other Worlds, Other Times

    ASIDE TO PSEUDOSKEPTICS:   Please don't bother. We are talking subjective experience here and trying to derive clues to what is happening. These things occurred - they happened to us - no amount of skepticism or psychobabble on your part will convince us otherwise. Go play with the real nuts on another board.