These Issues

Who Am I?

    This is a question that we have all often asked ourselves and others during our lifetimes. "Who am I and where do I fit in?"

    We have prepared a list of online tests that may help us find the answers to our questions. Please note that these tests are not to be considered the final answer nor are they meant to replace professional counselling and/or testing. However, many are quite good and will give us something to work with if we choose to believe their results.

    So let's just dig in and have some fun with our quest for meaning-

My Personality:

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Queendom's Psychological Tests

The Life Colors Test

Emotional Quotient Test

My Psychic Powers:
(These tests only examine your psychic connection to material things - like computers. They don't test your interaction with other spirits or minds.)
PSI Test

Test Your ESP

Test Your Psychokinesis

RetroPsychoKinesis Experiments Online

My Intelligence:

Self-Discovery Workshop Intelligence Test

The Comar IQ Tests

European IQ-test

The MENSA Workout


Brain.com Free Tests

My Religious Faith:
(ie: What faith most closely matches my beliefs?)

The Religion Selector

Make your own Zener Cards for ESP testing or practice. CLICK HERE